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Dream of a Nation

Project 02

theatre play

written & directed by ery nzaramba


in development

(currently looking for funding/producing partner)

"we were captivated by your story and the way you chose to tell it. we simply found ourselves wanting more (...) your conceit of paralleling real historical events, but in the register of mythology, is really fascinating and well-executed." - gillian greer, senior reader, national theatre

a small kingdom at the heart of africa. when the "white fathers" arrive, they gradually erode the indigenous values, customs and authorities to instil their own western values and authority. a rivalry between the two crown-heirs emerges. it culminates in a devastating war.

"dream of a nation" mirrors the history of rwanda where the​ arrival of the europeans triggered the sort of​ animosity between the hutus and tutsis ​that​ led to the genocide in 1994.

this is ery's version of the history, told as a tale, a mythology, the same way the 'griots' used to tell their version of the (rwandan) history, using tales and legends.

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